Scott knew early on that Architecture would be the focus of his career work. His education came from the University of Minnesota’s esteemed Architecture program. He was hired directly out of college by his professors of the firm Meyer, Scherer, & Rockcastle — Mpls, MN.

In 1996 an opportunity came to relocate to Steamboat and be a principal in a new firm; West Elevation Architects. It was a successful run for Scott with that firm for 14 years. Some of the work shown in the Gallery is from that time.

His 22 years in Steamboat have allowed him to create a body of work that shows his style, talent, and his creative process and progression.

He has also served on the City of Steamboat’s Planning Commission and City Council, giving him a view of both sides of development, as well as personal connections.

He has enjoyed the ski town lifestyle! Outside of work he has partnered with his wife Ellyn of 31 years to raise a family; 3 kids now 24, 22 and 20. He has been an accomplished bicycle and nordic ski racer. He has also kept up his construction experience with a cabinet shop, small remodeling projects, and property management.

“An Architect can either give architecture everything he has and only be an architect - to the detriment of health, family, and outside interests. Or decide that life has other important aspects and choose work appropriately. I have struggled with wanting the first, but in wisdom chose the latter.” ~ Scott Myller